AMSS promotes health and wellness by assisting diverse communities in the establishment of culturally and ethnically sensitive senior nutrition and recreational programs. We provide a variety of intergenerational, interfaith, educational, culturally sensitive and socially engaging opportunities around issues of interest to diverse communities. We conduct training programs in areas of outreach, caregiving and advanced care. We design programs encouraging interactions, sharing of life experiences, social enrichment, sense of wellness with healthy aging and continued independence for all of our participants. We can also offer technical, logistical and other support to our participants on a planned or ad hoc basis, as necessary.

Our Goals 

  • Senior Care Resource Center

  • Culturally specific outreach for underserved communities

  • Advocate on behalf of ethnically diverse seniors most in need

  • Promote awareness of special issues of concern

  • Partner with various interfaith, research, government and healthcare organizations

  • Identify gaps in research and services

Our Priorities

  • Maximize services and resources for senior communities, especially in Long Term Care (LTC)

  • Identify Health and LTC needs of underserved diverse 55 population and their families

  • Conduct research on caregiving and develop innovative model projects.

  • Provide LTC education and training, technical assistance for interfaith leaders


  • Offer cultural sensitivity training for health and LTC providers

  • Promote culturally and religiously acceptable nutrition programs
    serving Halal Food

  • Consider innovative LTC housing options for future projects.

Our Partnerships


AMSS gratefully acknowledges ongoing financial support provided through Montgomery County’s Community Grants and assistance through the County’s Health and Human Services, Area Agency on Aging, and Aging and Disability Services.

AMSS is pleased to partner with Montgomery County premier health and long-

term care agencies and organizations to access services and resources to isolated diverse communities, their seniors and caregivers. We also collaborate with Islamic Centers and their leadership within our county to identify and train Health and Long-term Care Outreach Ambassadors that represent the county’s diverse communities. The Ambassador’s mission is to identify isolated seniors and their caregivers and connect them with available resources.

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