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AMSS works in partnership with two advisory councils, one representing the diverse communities we serve, and the other is comprised of representatives of Montgomery County’s premier health and long-term care organizations who serve as AMSS consultants and offer coordinated county services and resources.

Thanks to AMSS Health and Long -Term Care (HLTC) Outreach Ambassadors, these resources are delivered effectively to isolated and under-served diverse older adults and caregivers.


Our Goals

  • To provide services and resources to the underserved.

  • To grow our trained Ambassadors force and form health-related specialized teams

  • To create partnerships with the interfaith, business, public and private health care organizations

  • To grow our Workforce Development Projects for younger and older members

  • To conduct culturally sensitive education outreach dialogues, seminars on health-related issues of concern to the community

  • To build culturally sensitive multi-generational programs and services

  • To fill-in gaps in diversity research and services.

Our Priorities 

  • To empower older and younger members of diverse underserved communities through Education and Training.

  • To increase our Workforce Development efforts in the field of Health and Long -Term Care for older and younger under-served diverse persons

  • To advocate on behalf of ethnically diverse seniors most in need and promote awareness of their special issues concern.

  • To partner with community and county leadership, the interfaith community, the county health and long- term care organizations, the business and research communities to maximize resources and benefits for the underserved.

  • To identify gaps in research and services and develop innovative model projects to meet the needs of older diverse members and caregivers including nutrition, transportation and housing.

AMSS President

Mona Negm

AMSS Program Consultant

Malak A

AMSS HMOW Coordinator
Faiza Shabani

AMSS CNA Program Coordinator 

Hadhya Alzawm

AMSS multicultural, multi-ethnic, Health, and Long- Term Care Outreach Ambassadors are community leaders who represent the county’s diverse communities. They serve as AMSS links to diverse, isolated, under-served, seniors and caregivers and deliver them essential services and resources.

To become an ambassador, please fill out this form and email it: to


About Us 

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