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Brasileirinhas Gretchen A Rainha Do Bumbum Avi Torrent --> DOWNLOAD

In a climate-controlled stairway next to the classroom in the basement level of a hilltop campus just outside Washington, hundreds of tiny sculptures line the stairway walls. The sculptures, of different shapes and sizes, are made of Lego. In this six-month exhibit, the University of Washington Museum of Art highlights the stories behind the blocks. For many, Lego is the canvas upon which they project their most creative ideas. Tucked away among brick and mortar for more than three decades, the museum has more than a million pieces of Lego. Despite the large amount of Lego, the museum only runs the Lego exhibit every two years, when one of the traveling Lego Family museums lets the museum host the exhibition. The exhibit, “Lego: Stories from Around the World,” is on display until Dec. 31 at the UW Museum of Art, 4005 University Way NE. The six-month exhibit and an accompanying book will be on sale at the museum and at the library. The exhibit is divided into four sections. The first section, “Build your Own City,” consists of 15 sculptures made using Lego blocks. The second section, “Lego Classics,” consists of three galleries showcasing what are considered timeless Lego blocks. The third section, “Lego Notables,” displays Lego figures that the museum has collected over the years. The final section, “My Favorite Collection,” highlights Lego pieces created by the museum. Each of the blocks on display has a story behind it. Some were built because they inspired the Lego creator, others were built to express the maker’s childhood or a particular era in time, and others were built as they discovered different Lego parts that they wanted to create their own pieces with. Lego bricks were invented in 1949 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish engineer and paper salesman. After his young son came up with the name Lego, Christiansen began making a line of plastic blocks to use as building blocks for children. The Lego blocks are still popular today. The museum’s collection was started in the 1970s and 1980s, when the museum was showing more fiction films. It was not until the 1990s that the museum wanted to show artists who make their own sculptures and who create their works using Lego. Because of the large amount of Lego the museum currently holds, it would not be easy to find another temporary exhibition. “The Lego exhibition would


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