'On Caregiving' - Our Second Health and Long Term Care Ambassador Training

We had a great training session on caregiving at the Imaam Center in Silver Spring. Our trainer, Lylie Fisher provided the Ambassadors with a good understanding of: what it means to be a caregiver; the many challenges facing them; and the myriad of resources available to them through the county’s public and private agencies, organizations.

We learned that adults who help family members with chronic disabling long term illness are often referred to as caregivers. We also learned that family caregivers face many physical, financial and psychological challenges.

Lylie explained that one out of four adults who helps a family member with a physical or cognitive disability, is ill, or is frail due to older age. They often feel overwhelmed with daily challenges that include: their own medical conditions and physical limitation; financial at times language problems; isolation and depression; and most of all not knowing where to go to get help.

Our Ambassadors can help connect caregivers with the wealth of available county resources, starting with: Montgomery County Aging and Disability Resource Unit (ADRU). The Aging and Disability Resource Unit provides personalized hands on assistance, referrals to services and specific information to seniors, people with disabilities and caregivers over the phone and in person. It is the primary point of entry for most of the services within Aging and Disability Services. Staff tell residents about benefits and services, help them determine what they are eligible for and can also help them apply.

Our Ambassadors can help connect caregivers with the wealth of available county resources. Please visit the our resource page for links to valuable information.

A big thank you to our Trainer and to our Sponsor:

Trainer: Lylie Fisher - Caregiver Support Program, Area Agency on Aging, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services

Sponsor and AMSS Partner: IMAAM Center – 9100 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD

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