Planning for the Inevitable - Our Third Health and Long Term Care Ambassador Training

Today we were presented with inevitable facts of life that many of us do not prepare for, or because of cultural traditions, do not discuss with loved ones and discourage any conversation about it.

Our trainer, Julie Manipadi, went through the last stages of life and how we can be of support to the patient and his/her caregiver . To support the Caregivers, how important it is to recognize the signs of depression, and be able to differentiate between grief and depression.

Julie provided us with many of the county resources available to caregivers. We also learned about Advanced Planning, Living Wills, and Powers of Attorney and how important it is to inform our doctors and our loved ones of our choices. Julie encouraged us to organize our life by making a list of all the essential contacts to have them and provide them to our loved ones.

A very big thank you to our Trainer and Sponsor:

Trainer: Julie Manipadi,RN, CHPN- Holy Cross Hospice Clinical Manager

Sponsor and AMSS Partner: Ahmadiyyah Community Center, Silver Spring

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