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We started the planning for our exciting year of innovative programs with many activities and meetings with our collaborative partners including, AMSS Stakeholders Advisory Council, Health and Long- Term Care Outreach Ambassadors, and community partners.

Transportation Options and Resources

The Muslim Advisory Council (MAC), is looking for transportation options for diverse communities. In February AMSS hosted an informative transportation meeting with Shawn Brennan, the Transportation and Mobility expert, with Aging and Disability Services and Sherri Mohebbi, the Outreach Director, with Regency Taxi. Many transportation options were explored, including, innovative model projects to be considered.

For more information about transportation and mobility options in Montgomery County, please go to

Halal Meals on Wheels New Partnerships

A new benefit was added this year to the Halal Meals on Wheels Pilot thanks to the generosity of our collaborative partner, the Islamic Center of Maryland (ICM). AMSS will be receiving monthly, 30 boxes of dried food to be collected and packaged by ICM’s teams of young volunteer students. AMSS Outreach Health and Long-Term Care Ambassadors are delighted to deliver them to our older members and their caregivers. The new boxes of food

will complement their hot meals.

For more information and to register for the Halal Meals benefits.

Click Here

CNA Scholarship Program is Now Open for registration.

AMSS Certified Nurses Assistants(CNA)Scholarship and Employment Pilot Program is now open for registration. Applicants will be interviewed and selected in March. The first training will begin in April. AMSS would like to acknowledge Dr. Yasmin Majid for her generous donation. We equally acknowledge our employment partners and co-sponsors: CarePlus, and Advanced Nursing + Home Support.

To know more information about the CNA scholarship program and how to register.

Click Here

AMSS Advanced Care Outreach Ambassadors, Join Us.

We are most excited about our plans to recruit and train 25, new Advanced Care Outreach Ambassadors(ACOA). A team of Interfaith Advanced Care issue experts, including the county’s Imams, has been formed to develop the curriculum and to serve as the faculty to train our ACOA.

To learn more about the program and how to apply as AMSS New Ambassador.

Click Here

AMSS Countywide Advanced Care Interfaith Dialogues.

AMSS Stakeholders, Ambassadors, and collaborative partners are busy coordinating the

planning of four Interfaith Advanced Care Community Dialogues to be held this year throughout the county. You will soon be receiving fliers and invitations to join our events.

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