Rather than disconnect at home during the Covid-19 uncertainty, it is important we NEST WELL and develop social connections, maintain carer support, and nurture personal health and wellness. Engage@HOME is a YouTube Channel offered by Montgomery County MD's Caregiver Support program. New episodes are uploaded daily to support wellness and provide trusted updates. Engage@HOME features topical interviews, stories about quality resources, and opportunities to connect with others - all while maintaining resilience. Engage@HOME is free to view with no special software. Visit regularly for new episodes. Shortly we will also be offering live telephone and Zoom video programs. Click here to view Engage@HOME

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJqcd7_1_7LejYrHWKU-lrw If you need support as a caregiver, older adult or person with a disability - please call:

Montgomery County's Aging and Disability Services 240-777-3000 is published by: Montgomery County MD government's Caregiver Support program. The Engage@HOME channel is produced and hosted by Lylie Fisher

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