Sharing Traditions for Life Decisions

Join AMSS Town Hall Interfaith meeting to learn how communities of Faith are meeting COVID-19 challenges.

Sponsored by Montgomery County Palliative Care and End of Life Coalition.

COVID-19 has had an impact on so many aspects of the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors. We have lost loved ones, jobs, and financial security. This pandemic has heightened our sense of loss through social distancing that has disrupted our families, community connections, and our traditional grieving processes.

However, it has also pushed us to reach within ourselves, to connect and reconnect with our personal faith and beliefs. And, to connect with one another and find comfort, hope, and meaning for our grief.

Please join us for an informative Town Hall Zoom Interfaith meeting featuring a culturally sensitive dialogue to learn how communities of Faith are meeting the COVID-19 Challenges.


Please visit/ WWW.AMSSMD.ORG/ Or contact:

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