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 Advanced Care Outreach Ambassadors Program 

AMSS has recruited and trained 25, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, Outreach Ambassadors in areas of advanced care to assist terminally ill patients and their families by: 


  • Connecting them with their medical teams, and the service delivery system;

  • Providing social comfort by linking them to their Imams for spiritual support;

  • Prepare families for end of life transition;

  • Educating the community about the county’s available Advanced Care resources, by distributing flyers, participating in community dialogues, speaking at senior centers.


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 AMSS Ambassadors Candidate Program 

We invite you to join this exciting model program by registering as an AMSS Advanced Care Ambassador Candidate. Please click the following links to begin the process to become a future ambassador. 

 AMSS Ambassadors Curriculum & Program Calendar 


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