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Halal Meals on Wheels

Halal Meals on Wheels 

A comprehensive Social Outreach and Support Program


Was launched in 2019 to reach out to our older diverse community members

especially the isolated, underserved, and often chronically disabled.

The program started with 45 clients and now serves more than 600 older

members and their families throughout the county. AMSS outreach has focused on zip codes with high concentrations of communities of color with health disparities.


The program is conducted by teams of AMSS Multicultural Health and Long-Term Care Outreach Ambassadors who provide friendly phone calls, home visits, and the delivery of bi-weekly hot halal meals. In addition and to ensure proper nutrition for our seniors and their families, we are delivering along with hot meals non-perishable food, and fresh produce.


Moreover, AMSS distributes gift cards and food baskets during the Holy month of

Ramadan and special holiday events. AMSS Ambassadors regularly

evaluate their client’s needs and connect them with county and community


Halal Meals on Wheels (HMOW) Partnerships

with the Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI)
Healthy Communities Fund

The American Muslim Senior Society (AMSS), is delighted to announce AMSS Halal Meals on Wheels (HMOW) new Asian-focused outreach program. 


The exciting expansion of AMSS HMOW Comprehensive Social Outreach and Support Program will enable AMSS multicultural Ambassadors to provide a multitude of culturally sensitive services and resources, including the delivery of nourishing meals to more than 200 newly arrived Afghan senior refugees and their families, as well as Asian seniors from various county’s zip codes with a large concentration of communities of color with health disparities. 


This program and its activities are funded by the Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI), a part of the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, and the Primary Care Coalition (PCC). 


HMOW Outreach Ambassadors who represent the diversities of the communities they serve continue to reach out and provide wrap-around services including nourishing meals to more than 500 isolated, under-served, often marginalized diverse seniors and their families throughout the county.


AMSS HMOW model program is designed to prevent senior isolation, help them access essential tools and resources to improve their quality of life, and give them the opportunity to live with dignity in their communities.

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The American Muslim Senior Society is thrilled to embark on a meaningful journey with the Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI) & and Primary Care Coalition (PCC) on the Community Health Program.  The Health and Social Support Services program will offer culturally sensitive services to Indonesian and Afghan refugees as well as older adults to improve their overall health and enhance  their access to healthcare services

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Special Thanks to AMSS Partners 

All the above resources are made possible due to generous contributions of the Montgomery County Food Council; The Healthcare Initiative Foundation; The Greater Washington Community Foundation; Montgomery County Health and Human Services/ Aging and Disability Services; the Islamic Center of Maryland (ICM); Montgomery County Muslim Foundation; Islamic Relief USA; Up 2 Us Foundation; United Methodist  Church, and the donations of our community members. AMSS wishes to recognize the contributions of our stakeholders.

For more information, please contact us at  

 To apply for Halal Meals on Wheels Program Benefits 


​To register for the program benefits, please download and complete the following forms: 

 Halal Meals on Wheels Ambassadors Application 

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