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Covid-19 Support  

Advice on limiting the spread of the coronavirus











Health Promotion Covid-19

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  • It is recommended to work no more than half your normal working time at your workplace.

  • Are you visiting or going to a busy place with lots of people? Then do a self-test.

  • Wear a face mask where this is required or advised.

  • Get a vaccine or booster shot.

  • Any symptoms? Stay at home and take a self-test.

  • People who test positive for coronavirus must self-isolate. Anyone who lives with, or is traveling with someone who tests positive must self-isolate unless they received their booster vaccination at least 1 week ago, they tested positive less than 8 weeks ago or their employer shows that they are needed at work and meet the conditions of employees in essential business processes. This only applies if they do not have COVID-19 symptoms. If you are unsure whether you need to self-quarantine, do the Quarantine Check.

Need a ride to your COVID-19 vaccination?


Don't wait until you have a vaccine appointment to arrange transportation. Book your free cab by clicking HERE.

Need a ride to your COVID-19 vaccination? Proof you need in order to get yourself vaccinated


Examples of proof of age documents:​

  • Driver's License

  • Maryland Identification Card

  • CASA Identification Card

  • Passport

  • Birth Certificate

  • Consulate Identification Card

The American Muslim Senior Society is committed to keeping the community safe from covid-19 by putting all its resources into it. To meet vaccination goals American Muslim Senior Society with the collaboration of Montgomery County plans to promote multiple small and large-scale vaccination centers to get rid of Covid-19. 

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