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AMSS Food Pantry Visit - Formal Recap

On Wednesday, January 31st, AMSS had the honor of hosting Dr. Patrice McGhee, Chief of Aging and Disability Services, and Dr. Kimberly Johnson, Director of Aging and Disability Services at the Department of Health and Human Services, at our Food Pantry. The occasion marked a significant opportunity for collaborative engagement and information exchange.

In attendance were distinguished individuals, including Farouq and Salma Musa, both esteemed members of the AMSS board, serving as Ambassadors, and fulfilling roles as the Food Pantry Director and Manager. Their presence ensured a comprehensive exploration of the Food Pantry, accompanied by insightful discussions on the intricacies of food delivery logistics to our clients.

Dr. Anwar Goheer, an AMSS Board member and Ambassador, provided a detailed exposition on the outreach teams, elaborating on the geographical areas they cover within the county and the diverse demographics of the clients they serve. Additionally, Dewi Masfar, a representative of the IMAAM Center, shared valuable experiences related to their involvement as AMSS Ambassadors, with a specific focus on outreach efforts within Asian communities.

Mr. Abu Bakr Kamara, an AMSS volunteer and Director of Triumph Life Savers, contributed to the discourse by articulating his pivotal role as the director of the AMSS CNA Training Institute. Furthermore, Abeiy Debela shared his journey as one of AMSS's distinguished CNA/GNA/CMT graduates, highlighting his success as an employed professional.

Dr. Gary Fink, representing AMSS Stakeholders, expounded on the invaluable consulting roles undertaken by stakeholders. He addressed AMSS Mental Health priorities and provided insights into the newly forming Mental Health Work Groups. Mona Negm offered a comprehensive overview of AMSS programs and services, contributing to the overall welcoming atmosphere.

The occasion afforded us a unique opportunity to engage with Dr. McGhee and Dr. Johnson, providing an insightful glimpse into the transformative work being carried out in the realm of Aging and Disability. We eagerly anticipate a sustained and fruitful partnership with ADS and HHS, as we collectively strive towards our shared commitment to community service.


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